The wood for this bowl came from a property right next to Lake Michigan in Suburban Chicago.

The owner of the old Victorian house tried to keep the tree alive for several years until it finally succumbed to the Emerald Ash bore.

Several blanks were given to me hoping that the old beautiful tree would live once again as an art piece or utilitarian item to enrich people's life.


The bowl was twice turned and finished with milk paint and a custom blend of beeswax and oil.

Perfect for salads, popcorn or to be displayed as a centerpiece.


The bowl measures 12" in diameter by 4.5" tall.

Large Colored Ash Bowl

$155.00 Regular Price
$116.25Sale Price
    • After use, hand wash with warm water and mild detergent then wipe dry.
    • To keep the natural beauty and shape of the wood occasionally wipe it with mineral oil (available from most pharmacies).
    • Please do not soak in water.
    • Please do not place it in the dishwasher.
    • Please do not microwave.
    • Please do not allow fruits to decay in the bowl.

    The bowls and plates are perfect for serving food such as salad, fruits, cheese, popcorn and pasta.