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This vessel was turned out of a reclaimed White Oak tree that had to be cut down due to decay.

6" tall by 5.5" wide.

In recent years the Chicagoland area has been impacted by the oak wilt disease causing thousands of trees to die. 

The natural edge at the rim in contrast with the smooth walls creates a beautiful combination with an organic feel to it.

The dark color was achieved by applying iron acetate solution which is a mixture of vinegar and steel shavings. The top was colored with high-quality acrylic paint.

 At the time of the turning the wood was still saturated with water. And as a result, the vessel turned out oval while drying.

A combination of beeswax and mineral oil was applied as a finish in order to protect the wood and to bring out the colors.


White Oak Vessel

$175.00 Regular Price
$157.50Sale Price
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