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Feedback About My Online Demonstrations

Roberto is a very comprehensive, thorough, kind and caring instructor.  He is very concerned that each student accomplishes the specific task he is teaching at the moment.  He is very responsive to email questions and clarifications. - Dave Hudgel

Doing the square wall project . You did a good job explaining  the cuts and what the varied outcomes could be. Now it's practice and exploration time to better understand jigs capabilities. - Ron Hanssen

Everyone should watch the demo with the jig the Roberto made for the lathe bed. His signature work - Mike Mitchel

Your two demos on texturing with hand and power tools were outstanding. I enjoyed and learned from your demos, and appreciated your thorough descriptions of the tools and processes you used. After years of turning vessels without embellishment, I am expanding into this area and your IRDs were very relevant to me. In some cases, I'm already using the processes you demonstrated, but finding out that I was going in the right direction was especially gratifying. Thank you. - Jack Armstrong

I was so impressed with how much you did to prepare, the different camera angles, etc.  Such a great demo!!! Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge. - Kim Turk

Awesome job Roberto!  The presentation was clear and concise. I look forward to the demo on how you make your jig. - Glenn Wieczorek

You are a thoughtful and clear communicator and I appreciate that you make the effort to understand the project from the perspective of the participants.  This was a complicated demo but I never felt lost or confused because you took us to carefully through the steps.  I felt well cared for. - Anne

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