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Welcome to my shop!

The place where I can be


where I express myself.

Roberto Ferrer. My Shop
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When I think of this place, I don’t just think of a room full of wood and tools, I think of a place where I can spend hours thinking, listening to music, studying, analyzing past projects, admiring the wood’s grain that mother nature so carefully created for us to enjoy.

So, in a way, yes, it is a room full of tools and wood, dust, and shavings. The tables are full of different projects at different stages of completion.  The walls are full of cabinets, and shelves with containers full of small parts, tools and supplies. And of course, there are machines that help me create my work. Some are small, some are big. Some of them I use very often, and some others stay unused for several months.

During my early days of woodworking, I would run to the store and bring a handful of equipment, which I still use when needed. But as time went by I started acquiring some vintage machinery. I have loved antiques ever since I was a kid.

What would a creative space be without sources of inspiration? Things and objects whose sole purpose is to adorn the walls and shelves, and to bring a smile to my face every time I look at them. So everywhere from the walls, shelves and rafters these objects hang and live in harmony with the noisy machines and dusty hand tools.

And lastly, there are two windows that face different sides of the backyard. Through them, I can see my kids playing on the swing or can admire our garden during summer. During winter I can see the snow covering the trees and a small trail that we leave when we bring kitchen scraps to the compost pile.

Every time I step into this space, I am grateful to have a place where I can work and set my mind free. It keeps me fresh during the summer and warm during the harsh Chicago winter. 

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