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Rewarding experience

Last Wednesday a young man came over because he wanted to learn about woodturning.

When he contacted me, he expressed his desire to learn some basic skills to be able to turn a gift for his brother.

After explaining how the lathe works, showing him some of the tools, and talking about sharpening, I mounted a small piece of wood on the lathe. I must say that I was amazed of how quickly he picked up on the idea of handling the tools and the nice shavings he was making. Within a few hours he got a basic run down of the tools he needs to get started and managed to finish a small project.

It was so rewarding to see his excitement when he got to sign his first turning. I truly hope he will eventually aquire a small lathe and some tools so he can practice at home. I still remember how excited I was when I took my first class, and all the ideas that came to mind afterwards.

Happy turning everyone! Send me a message to get details about classes, demos and private instructions, either online or in-person.

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