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Meet The Woodturner Live 2

Woodturning just like any other discipline requires practice and exploration. Practice helps us improve our technique, and exploration opens the door to newer ways of doing things.

Living in a world of advancements and technology presents every one of us with the opportunity to explore and learn new techniques even without leaving the comfort of our homes. We no longer have to take long trips to learn from world renowned professionals. All we need to do is to turn on our computers and enjoy the benefits that technology facilitates for us.

Meet The Woodturner Live is an event that brings together professional and upcoming woodturners from around the world, willing to share their knowledge and techniques with us. This is a perfect opportunity for you to see firsthand how each of them creates their work. It’s a great way to interact and ask questions regarding their techniques during their demonstrations. Here you will see everything from traditional woodturning to sculpting and embellishing techniques, topics such as sharpening, tool control, surface texturing, coloring and more.

The event will take place from January 27-29 2023. Visit the MTW2 website to check out a full line up of woodturners and register for this extraordinary event. Use code “roberto” to receive £5 discount.

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